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Welcome to my portfolio ! :)

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Hello, I'm Pierre Stempin. I'm a game developer.

I am currently searching for job opportunities. 

I can relocate on purpose.

Experience :

- 7+ years of professional experience in the video game industry.
- 6 years of
game development experience with Unity / C#.

- 1 year of game development experience with Flash / ActionScript 3.0.
- Holds a master's degree in
game development, with jury mention.

- Additional experience in game & level design.

Shipped titles :

Corneille - Android and iOS
Chef Battle - Android and iOS

Musketeer Jack - Android and iOS

Epic Loon - PC - XBox One - Nintendo Switch

You can see below, the main projects I worked on.

Here's my resume. Don't hesitate to contact me.

Professional projects

Professional projects

Corneille - French reading & writing learning game

Game developer - Corneille

In Corneille, you can play various activities to start learning and writing French or improve your learning and writing skills. Activites help you mainly to learn writing cursive letters, decoding phonemes, reading stories and recording yourself reading a text.

After the soft launch of the game, I was responsible of game updates: fixing bugs, improving current features and add new features, such as completely remaking the free trial.

Chef Battle

Chef Battle - Culinary dressage game - Asynchronous online multiplayer

Game developer - Nolaroads

In Chef Battle, you have to complete culinary challenges where with a set of selected ingredients you have to make the more beautiful dish possible. Your dish will be in a second phase graded by the community and you have to get the best grade ever. The game is currently in a soft launch phase on Android and iOS.

I was co-responsible of the game development (in a team of 6 devs, including me). I developed various features of the game and specially implemented a lot of UI screens.

Musketeer Jack

Musketeer Jack - Black jack & adventure game

Game developer - Nolaroads

In Musketeer Jack, you play characters from The Three Musketeers famous universe written by Alexandre Dumas. You fight enemies by playing black jack against them. The game was released on Android and iOS.

After the soft launch of the game, I was co-responsible for debugging and the game development and A/B testing of a whole new tutorial.

Epic Loon

Epic Loon - Physics-based platformer game - Local multiplayer

Game developer / Game designer - 3DDuo

In Epic Loon, you play dumb aliens from outer space, lost on earth and trapped in movies. In this platformer, you cannot move directly, you can only jump. You have two jump types, angular quick jumps to stick to platforms and micro slow jumps to be more precise to find a place where to do an angular jump. The game was released on PC, XBox One and Nintendo Switch.

I was responsible for level scripting, level design and level building.

FunPack : Mums - Casual games compilation

Game developer - 3DDuo

FunPack : Mums is compilation of 5 casual games : Mahjong, Sudoku, Bayou Words (a letter game), Pirates Solitaire (a kind of inverted solitaire) and G-Tris (A tetris-like). The game was published on iOS and Android but is not available anymore.

I was responsible to port the existing PC version, playable with the mouse, to an Android version, playable with a gamepad. I also made debug and polished the UI to keep a same coherent navigation for all the games.

My Little Lion - Adventure game with mini-games - Mobile

Game designer / 2D Game animator - 3DDuo

My Little Lion is an adventure game, for kids (6 - 8 years old), with mini-games. You play a lion and you have to do some activities inside a circus. You can accomplish quests to help the other animals of the curcus, or perform various circus acts (juggling, obstacles course, canon shots, etc.) in a full show. The game was published in the App Store, but is not available anymore.

I designed the mini-games, made UI mock-ups of these mini-games.

I also made additional animations of the main character, the lion.

Student projects

Student projects

Electric Sheep - Beat them up game - Local multiplayer

Game developer - Pôle 3D

In Electric Sheep you play a band of hackers, who fight viruses and bugs to save the web universe, against the corruption of the cat invasion. It's a coopetitive game (mix between cooperation and competition) where you have to get points. You can also get level up, buy weapons and bother your teammates to steal their weapons. After fighting the boss, the player who got the most points win the game.

Electric Sheep was my final year study project.

I programmed the whole game.

Tofu Shoot - Shooter game - Video mapping - LAN - Mobile

AI developer - Ankama / Pôle 3D

Tofu Shoot is a playable video mapping, made on the train station facade of the city of Roubaix (France) in December 2015 in partnership with Ankama. Armed with a group of tablets wirelessly connected in LAN, you play a group of Tofus (creatures from the Dofus universe) and have to shoot falling enemies to earn points.

I programmed different game systems, specially the main behaviour of all the enemies and the behaviour of the different bonuses that can appear in-game.

Thot - Hack & Slash game

Game developer - Pôle 3D

Thot takes place in the ancient Egypt. You play Thot, an egyptian god, armed with magical powers coming from sacred parchments went to find and fight Anubis. During your journey, you explore the heart of a pyramid and a tombstone, and fight hordes of deadly enemies blocking your path.

I co-programmed all the project. I focused on developing gameplay elements and menus.


Orb - First person shooter game

Game developer - Pôle 3D

Orb is a game which takes place in an asylum. You have to explore the asylum, to search and find items to progress and get out of here. You are only armed with a magic orb to fight enemies. Your unique weapon is also your unique light source, and its light intensity is your health. The orb light intensity decrease permanently. You have to find spots to increase it again. If you get stuck in the darkness, you lose the game.

I programmed the whole game.

Game of Thrones - Race To Power

Endless runner / Beat them up - Mobile

Level designer - Gameloft / Supinfogame Rubika

Game of Thrones - Race To Power is a game divided in two phases. First, you play Robb Stark, and race through Westeros, in a runner phase, to collect money and fight other family factions. Second, if you hit an obstacle, Robb Stark is hurted. Then you play his wolf, in a beat them up phase, and have to defend him, until he fully recovers.

I was responsible to make level design patterns for the runner phase and to oversee other level designers.

Blokzi - Puzzle platformer physics-based game - Mobile

Game & level designer - Dupuis / Supinfogame Rubika

In Blokzi, you have to climb on a tower to reach your objective. To do that, you have to move the tower blocks to re-arrange the tower and make it climbable. Then you have to climb on it. Beware when you move blocks or climb on the tower, you must be careful to not drop the objective from the top of the tower, else it's game over.

I co-designed the game and built numerous levels, following the evolutions of the game design.

Jam projects

Jam projects

Don't quit (Original title : Ne quittez pas) - Satirical simulator game

UI developer - Zoo Machines

Don't Quit is a simulator of an infernal anwsering machine. You get a call, which tell you that you have a message and you have to type a code to access it. To get the code, you have to go through an absurd system and to answer to stupid questions. The game is a satire of the absurdity of the bureaucracy. The game was made under 48 hours. Don't Quit was released on the Android but is not available anymore.

I designed, drew and programmed the UI.

Sweet Melee

Sweet Melee - Arcade game - Local multiplayer

Game developer - Game Sun & Jam

In Sweet Melee you play different members of a special private club. You have to reach objectives before the other players to get points, For each objective you have to obey to one specific displayed rule, in a limited time. The game was made under 48 hours.

I co-programmed the game. I focused on different game systems : a bit of gameplay, inputs, menus and game  events.

Panic princess - Arcade game

Project manager / Game developer Game designer 

Jam Shaker 8

In Panic Princess you are a princess lost in a dangerous place. You have to collect apples to get points and recover. But there are spiders that block your way. You can shoot star to kill them, but each time you kill a spider, more spiders can come and all the spiders will grow faster. You can play the game here (Flash is required on your browser to play it).

I was at the head of the project. I assembled a team to particapte to its production. I also programmed the whole game under 10 hours.


Spaceship - Experimental cooperative gestion game - LAN

Game developer / Game designerArt game week-end 4

In Spaceship, you play 3 spaceship members, playing on a special set up of 6 computers spread on a big room. Each computer is a control post. Your spaceship is attacked by aliens. You have to survive during a limited time. For each alien attack, you have to localize which control post is attacked, physically run to the command post, and to repair it, until the next attack. The game was made under 48 hours.

I designed and programmed the different control station behaviours.

Go fox go! - Endless runner

2D Game artist - Caritative game jam

In Go Fox Go! you play Kistune, a spiritual entity from the japanese folklore, represented as a fox. You run on the roofs of a traditional japanese city. With Kitsune supernatural skills, the different buildings of the city are reborn under your passage. Run across the city to make it alive again. The game was made under 48 hours. You can play the game here.

I made some game assets and building layouts.

Personnal projects

Personnal projects

Potato peeler - First person shooter game - available in VR

Game developer - Ludum Dare 32

In Potato Peeler your unique weapon is, as the title say, a potato peeler ! Your goal is to peel all the potatoes on your path to score. Each time you fully peel a potato, two more potatoes come. You can play or download the game here.

I created the whole game under 24 hours.

Oxao - Matching tiles game

Game developer - Game Boy Jam 3

Oxao is game where you have to match tiles in square layouts. To match tile, instead of swapping tiles each other, you can only destroy them. You have a limited amount of possible destructions. you can also rotate the gravity direction to make the tiles fall in the direction you want.  You can play the game here.

I created the whole game. I started during the Game Boy Jam 3 and finished it later.



Turbo Clean CodeUnity editor extension

Tool developer

This tool helps you to clean your code easier. It allows you to sort scripts by their lines count in order to fix Single Responsibility Principle issues faster. You can customize which scripts folders are taken or not into account, create and customize themes for the visualization of your scripts. You can buy it here from the Unity Asset Store.

I created the whole tool and published it.

Values RounderUnity editor extension

Tool developer

You are attentive to details about your scene building, and you may be annoyed by unrounded values in position values of the GameObjects you just moved with the handle. This tool will be the solution to your problem. With only one input [Alt + R], you can round the values of local position, local rotation and local scale of all the GameObjects you have selected. You can download it here from the Unity Asset Store.

I created the whole tool and published it.

Empty At Zero CreatorUnity editor extension

Tool developer

You want to organize your Scene hierarchy properly. But when you create new empty GameObjects on the Scene, you're tired of having to always reset its transform values just after. Empty At Zero Creator is a tool where you can directly new empty GameObjects directly at a (0,0,0) local position. You can download it here from the Unity Asset Store.

I created the whole tool and published it.

Components FinderUnity editor extension

Tool developer

You want a one-click way to find where are all the gameObjects on your scene which have on it a Rigidbody, a BoxCollider, an AudioSource or any existing component ? This tool is the solution. Component Finder is a tool to find easily and quickly what gameObjects in your Scene have a specified component on it. You can download it here from the Unity Asset Store.

I created the whole tool and published it.





Mail :

Phone : +33 (0) 6 78 15 65 31

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